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emacspeak-w3-url-rewrite-and-follow The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Command: emacspeak-w3-url-rewrite-and-follow
Usually bound to "y" mnemonic for yank in W3 buffers.

This is a useful command that I use fairly often.

What It Does:

When you're on a link, you can use this command to "rewrite" that
link before following it.

As an example, you can use this to directly jump to  the
printer-friendly version of a link -- providing you've previously
discovered the recipe a given site uses for their printer
friendly version.

I originally wrote this while interacting with OReilly's various
Web sites; there the transformation rule is 
("pub" "lpt")

When you invoke command emacspeak-w3-url-rewrite-and-follow
for the first time in a w3 buffer, it prompts you for the
pattern; it then remembers it for that buffer; so for instance,
you can look at an OReilly Blog e.g. their XML site,
use command emacspeak-w3-url-rewrite-and-follow
 to follow one of the links and read the printer friendly
 version; to read other articles from the same blog buffer, you
 can just hit "y" to use the previously specified pattern.

If you get the pattern wrong, use C-u before hitting "y" it'll
prompt you for a fresh pattern.

Also related is

 e y  runs the command emacspeak-w3-class-filter-and-follow

which does a url rewrite, and then filters the result by a
specified CSS class.

These commands are very useful for sites you frequent a lot.

Best Regards,

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