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The State of Web Browsing in Emacspeak [very long]

Hi Robert,

It will take me a long time to digest your article --- but already I
have learnt a few things! Thanks a million!

Here is a"wished-for Tip"" which would be  useful. Currently, the
emacspeak-websearch-dispatch (C-e ?) opens up the w3 browser. For those like
myself who have always found emacs/w3 difficult is it possible to add
on some advice (I hope I am not talking nonsense)  in the .emacs file
so that C-e ? will launch  the emacs-w3m browser instead of emacs/w3 ?

I suppose that  
this is not really that important because one can always do M-x w3m
and then hit S to start a google search. 

With renewed thanks,

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