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possible error with texinfo mode

I have run into an issue with texinfo files.  If I have a comment in the
file, everything after the comment is then in font-lock-comment-face.
This appears to me as it might be a problem with emacspeak and emacs22.
I cannot run emacs 21 with emacspeak here for some reason... not the one
in my ~/bin directory or the one in /usr/bin/.  

If I run emacs without my .emacs file, the problem doesn't occur.  If I
run it with an alternate copy of my .emacs file with various things
commented, only commenting the emacspeak lines fixes the problem.

Does anyone else see this problem?

Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

When the fog came in on little cat feet last night, it left these little
muddy paw prints on the hood of my car.

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