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Re: patches and a new file for the manual

I checked it in and rearranged things a bit since it was hard to
find the section where you had placed it originally.

>>>>> "Robert" == Robert D Crawford <rdc1x@comcast.net> writes:
    Robert> raman@comcast.net (raman) writes:
    >> note that the info file does not build with your patch to
    >> packages.texi.
    Robert> I must have included a bad version of
    Robert> web-browsing.texi.  I made the edits and then built
    Robert> it with makeinfo and fixed the errors before grabbing
    Robert> a new svn version and building the whole thing.  I
    Robert> was having problems with sectioning level but I
    Robert> thought I had those sorted.  It seems that I did not
    Robert> send the version of the file from the info directory
    Robert> but the one from my home directory.  I'm sending the
    Robert> good version with this mail.
    Robert> Sorry for the errors, rdc -- Robert D. Crawford
    Robert> rdc1x@comcast.net
    Robert> You're not an alcoholic unless you go to the
    Robert> meetings.

Best Regards,

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