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Re: tcl 8.4 and emacspeak

file1 if it appears should appear in the tcl files.

I cannot make these changes in the   source code because it will
break things on many older systems.

>>>>> "James" == James R Van Zandt <jrvz@comcast.net> writes:
    James> Raman -
    James> I have made these changes to the servers in the
    James> current Debian package of emacspeak: Replace
    James> #!/bin/tcl with #!/bin/tclsh8.4 Add "package require
    James> Tclx" Change file0 to stdin
    James> I have also changed the package dependency from
    James> tclx8.3 to tcl8.4 and tclx8.4.
    James> Your note mentioned changing file1 to stdout, but I
    James> could not find file1 used in any of the servers.  Does
    James> that change need to be made in the lisp files?
    James>                    - Jim Van Zandt

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