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This is off-topic? perhaps.


I am not sure that this is the right place to ask this question since
it does not really  concern  the way in which Emacspeak works;
however I cannot imagine any person other than a blind Emacspeaker
coming across thisphenomenon: it is not really a "problem". 

I regularly receive mathematics research preprints from correspondents
usually either as pdf or the raw LaTeX file.
The latter do not pose a problem for deciphering. But I found out very
quickly through the VM feature of converting pdf to text that
`pdftotxg' gets foxed by mathematics and so I usually write back
asking for the LaTeX file.

A few days ago I received from a friend an article which he found (on
perhaps) written by a great Russian mathematician. It was a pdf file
but since it contained almost no formulae I enjoyed listening to the
attachment being read out. But it is a long paper 38 pages!

So I saved it and then did text conversion using pdftotxt. The result
was curious to say the least!

I opened the file mannin.txt and did C-xl (count-lines-page) and was
shocked to hear 47 lines 0+47!

As soon as I moved the cursor from the first line which had the title,
I was stopped by a     query like:

Read this 367 long line Y N?

Reading the paper was impossible -- trying to find a phrase using C-s
is also interrupted by such queries.

So I set column-fill to 70 and paragraph by paragraph did a
column-fill (M-q). Now I could search out page 34 using C-s but when I
did C-x w I was told something like 3000 lines but C-x l still gave
something like 45 +3.

Saving the file works fine in the sense that these very long lines are
gone and so one can read line-by-line, find places by C-s etc.

But the contradictory answers given by C-x w and C-x l still persists.

Is this a Emacs  (21.3) problem. It is not a "problem" for me --- just
that I am going crazy trying to figure this out!

Sorry for this noise.

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