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For Raman: mostly off-topic

Hello Raman,

Thanks for sending me the url. I got lost because I did not go to the
web site you put at the end of your letters but tried to find it by

The article is very interesting and even more so because Chandler
Davis is very well known to me. My first research student and Chandler
have collaborated for the past 25 years or more. 

Incidentally do you know about the late Bernard Morin? He was a blind
topologist who used to sculpt clay models of the various complicated
topological constructs he thought up , like the "eversion of the
sphere". I have a pdf article on my PC but cannot remember where I got
it from and sourceforge regards my dynamic IP address as belonging to
a  spammer! That is why the letter is going to the list as a whole:
apologies to everyone else!

Tim has told me what I have to do to solve the problem: I will try to
implement his suggestions ASAP.


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