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Current software speech options

Hi Sile,

I don't know about supercollider, but jack should work. I'm not usiing it now,
but did use it some time back and from memory, I was able to run both IBM's
ViaVoice and have other sound streams going through Jack. 

I was using a Linux kernel running the alsa sound drivers
I do have a multichannel soundcard (Sound Blaster Live), which maybe why things
'appeared' to work (i.e. maybe they wre not working as I expected). 

It would possibly help if you can provide more details on your hardware, Linux
distribution, kernel version and hardware (sound card in particular).  It would
also be useful to know which softtware speech synths you have tried. Also, some
outline of why you need/want these other apps, just in case there is an
alternative solution that will also meet your needs.

Note that
alsa is a very powerful sound infrastructure, but it can be tricky to get
working just as you want. The alsa asoundrc file can be used to mix sound
sources and/or emulate OSS etc. However, I personally, found the documentation
less than adequate and it took me a while to get the config just as I wanted

It probably helps a lot if your speech synth engiine is built to use alsa
rather than OSS. 


Sile O'Modhrain writes:
 > Hello
 > I am just in the process of installing Linux and emacsspeak and have 
 > come up against a snag.
 > I use supercollider and Jack (a package that allows you to rout audio 
 > between applications) and have discovered that it is hard to find a 
 > software speech package that will run concurrently with these.  Does 
 > anyone have experience of using such a configuration?
 > Yours,
 > --Sile O'Modhrain
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Tim Cross

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