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Re: Changing Startup Key

Steve Holmes <steve@holmesgrown.com> writes:

> OK, I looked over that info page but am still confused.  It mentions a
> variable, not a keymap.  

It is, in fact, a variable.

> I tried variants of global-setkey but to no avail.  A couple times, I
> got an error saying non prefix assigned or something.  I also tried
> doing a (setq "M-s" to the variable emacspeak-prefix) but the variable
> got updated but no key assignment.  

I did the same thing with setq.  This is, I believe, how it should be
done.  I did it in a running emacs session and am not sure why it did
not work.  I had a look at the source file that sets the variable and
here is what I found:

(defvar emacspeak-prefix "\C-e"
  "Default prefix key used for emacspeak. ")

(global-set-key emacspeak-prefix 'emacspeak-prefix-command)

;;; fix what we just broke:-
(define-key emacspeak-keymap "e" 'end-of-line)
(define-key emacspeak-keymap "\C-e" 'end-of-line)

I did cut a bit of source here but the lines are very close.

What I did, but did not work:

I did a setq on the emacspeak-prefix and then evaluated the
global-set-key command.  This seemed to make it so that _both_ prefixes
were active (in my case, both C-e and C-a).

I was hoping that this would be the quick fix as I had to leave.  This
was not the case so I had to exit and restart emacs to get back a
correctly working session.  (there is probably a better way but I did
not have time to search it out.)

Sorry I was not of help.  I am really behind right now and cannot search
out anything else.  Maybe someone else on list will see your plight and
give their advice.

Again, I am sorry I was not much help,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

We all dream of being the darling of everybody's darling.

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