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Re: problems with tonight's svn update

Lukas Loehrer writes ("Re: problems with tonight's svn update"):
> Robert D. Crawford writes ("problems with tonight's svn update"):
> > When doing minibuffer completion, the whole of the line from the prompt
> > is being read.  Behavior for me used to be that it read only the word
> > being completed, IIRC, maybe only the part of the word that was
> > completed.  
> I noticed this change too, though I am not sure which behavior I prefer.

I think that when trying to enter longer input like a path to a file, the new
behavior is not very efficient, because one has to wait a long time until
the interesting new bit at the end of the input is read. Also, one can
always do C-e l if one wants to hear the whole input.

Best regards, Lukas

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