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compiling the ttsynth server on fedora core 6

Hi all,
Well,  I finally got the ttsynth server to compile it took a little playing but the atcleci.so file was created just fine.
Now I have another problem. When I go to the servers directory and try to run ./outloud, I get more errors.
I already changed the first line to use tclsh since I ahve tcl-8.4 installed and I added the line
package requires Tclx as well.
However, I get the following messages:
Could not open text-to-speech engine
    while executing
"load $tclTTS/atcleci.so"
    invoked from within
"if {[file exists /usr/include/alsa/asoundlib.h]
    && [file exists  $tclTTS/atcleci.so]} {
    load $tclTTS/atcleci.so
    proc closeDSP {} {
    (file "./outloud" line 487)
Language Library not opened: enu50.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
I checked the TTSynthServer is there, and is executable.
Any suggestions appreciated.

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