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RE: [emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop] Web Accessibility AndUsability: Comin...

It doesn't have to be Emacs; it could be a generic Web browser
for instance. What does need to change however is the somewhat
broken model of black-box  closed access technologies that force
the rest of the industry to debug accessibility into existence.

>>>>> "Fernando" == Fernando  <my.lists@f123.org> writes:
    Fernando> I agree we need a challenge, but I would argue that
    Fernando> rather than Nielsen, we should challenge ourselves
    Fernando> to bring the efficiency and effectiveness of
    Fernando> Emacspeak to more people.  After all, Nielsen's
    Fernando> conclusions are scientifically valid for probably
    Fernando> 99% of all persons with disabilities currently
    Fernando> online.
    Fernando> How this should or can take place, I do not
    Fernando> know. But I think we cannot blame users for falling
    Fernando> into the trap of inferior tools when they are not
    Fernando> aware of alternatives and when the alternatives are
    Fernando> so difficult to find, install, and learn.
    Fernando> I have been trying to figure out ways to make
    Fernando> access to Emacs easier, and have also thought about
    Fernando> finding a way to fund a scientifically valid study
    Fernando> where Emacs is compared to more conventional tools,
    Fernando> so I am glad to see Raman bringing that idea up.
    Fernando> If anyone would like to be part of such a study, or
    Fernando> has suggestions of potential funding sources, etc,
    Fernando> please contact me directly.
    Fernando> Fernando Botelho
    Fernando> -----Original Message----- From: Janina Sajka
    Fernando> [mailto:janina@rednote.net] Sent: Friday, December
    Fernando> 21, 2007 9:42 AM To: T. V. Raman Cc:
    Fernando> emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu Subject: Re: [emacspeak The
    Fernando> Complete Audio Desktop] Web Accessibility
    Fernando> AndUsability: Comin...
    Fernando> You raise very valid points, Raman. Perhaps we
    Fernando> might consider a challenge to Nielsen. Perhaps we
    Fernando> could point out that their presuppositions are
    Fernando> unfair and lead to unhelpful conclusions? As you
    Fernando> point out, it's the task, not the particular web
    Fernando> site for that task, which matters. And, the
    Fernando> performance of users with minimal skills and
    Fernando> inadequate tools is certainly a questionable
    Fernando> measure.
    Fernando> Janina
    Fernando> T. V. Raman writes:
    >> The Nielsen Norman Group has made available a detailed
    >> report on accessibility, which includes the results of
    >> several usability tests --- see Going Beyond Alt
    >> Text. It's a very good read, and though its conclusions
    >> might be depressing to people coming to this area from the
    >> outside --- they should be no surprize to users who have
    >> been trying to use the Web via spoken output over the last
    >> 10 years. From the perspective of the Emacspeak user who
    >> lives in a specialized browsing environment that is
    >> optimized for performing oft-repeated tasks, there are
    >> several interesting take-aways from this report:
    >> - Though so-called Web Accessibility Standards have
    >> attempted to focus on the behavior observed when using
    >> screenreaders with mainstream browsers, that thread of
    >> work appears to be achieving little with respect to the
    >> real metric of task completion. As technologists, we would
    >> all do well to remember that users come to the Web, and
    >> Web Access solutions not to use the browser but rather to
    >> complete one or other task.  - As described in Specialized
    >> Browsers and The Web The Way You Want It, task-oriented
    >> access and specialized user-optimized web tools have been
    >> around since the inception of the Web.  - Though the
    >> Nielsen study asked users to carry out each of the given
    >> tasks by going to a given Web site, it would be
    >> interesting to see how such tasks work out in the
    >> Emacspeak environment. It's a given that an emacspeak user
    >> trying to buy a music CD at an online store would run into
    >> a brick wall fairly quickly (see, even online stores are
    >> made of brick and mortar;-)). However, as an Emacspeak
    >> user I'd never do that I'd either go to Amazon's highly
    >> efficient Amazon Accessible Store or faster yet, type an
    >> appropriate query at Google and click on the relevant Ad
    >> that sports a Google Checkout badge.  - And more
    >> interestingly, it would be interesting to carry out a
    >> follow-up user study to compare the rate of task
    >> completion as well as observed efficiencies/inefficiencies
    >> between users of Emacspeak and generic
    >> browser/screenreader combinations for tasks such as: -
    >> Play NPR news from the last hour.  - Play your local NPR
    >> station.  - Play BBC News from the last hour.  - Skim the
    >> top stories from CNN.  - Look up today's stock market
    >> numbers for the major indices.  - And items too numerous
    >> to enumerate in this margin.
    >> --
    >> Posted By T. V. Raman to emacspeak The Complete Audio
    >> Desktop at 12/20/2007 02:49:00 PM
    Fernando> --
    Fernando> Janina Sajka, Phone: +1.202.595.7777;
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    Fernando> phone in the U.S. and Canada Learn more at
    Fernando> http://ScreenlessPhone.Com
    Fernando> Chair, Open Accessibility janina@a11y.org Linux
    Fernando> Foundation http://a11y.org
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