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Sometimes bad responsiveness with outloud and alsa 1.0.16

debug this outside of emacs by simulating a bunch of requests to
the server. 

I suspect you may need to tune asound params on that particular
libasound version to avoid buffer drain problems.

>>>>> "Lukas" == Lukas Loehrer <listaddr1@gmx.net> writes:
    Lukas> On Debian sid with libasound2-1.0.16-2, I am getting
    Lukas> very bad responsiveness with the outloud speech server
    Lukas> in some situations. The problem goes away after
    Lukas> downgrading to libasound2 1.0.15-3.
    Lukas> Responsiveness is not generally bad, but only in some
    Lukas> situations. The problem is easier to see with low
    Lukas> speech-rates. The problem is for example reproducible
    Lukas> in in an info buffer when cycling from links to links
    Lukas> with the tab key. Voice locking must be enabled.
    Lukas> 1. Hit tab to jump to a link 2. wait a bit until
    Lukas> emacspeak is in the middle of reading the actual link
    Lukas> text 3. Hit tab again to get to the next link
    Lukas> What should happen: speech should stop imediately and
    Lukas> the next link should be read.  What happens with
    Lukas> libasound 1.0.16-2: The text of the first link is read
    Lukas> to the end and then the text of the second link is
    Lukas> read.
    Lukas> Similar effects can be observed when moving through
    Lukas> code line by line and some font-locking is present.
    Lukas> I have not yet been able to nail down the problem to a
    Lukas> specific alsa api call, but it is probably either
    Lukas> snd_pcm_writei() or snd_pcm_drop() whose behavior must
    Lukas> have changed in a subtle way in 1.0.16. I cannot
    Lukas> produce a short test case that reproduces the problem,
    Lukas> so reporting the bug to either Debian or Alsa is
    Lukas> difficult. Can anyone reproduce the described
    Lukas> behavior?
    Lukas> Best regards, Lukas
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