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Re: Emacspeak on Ubuntu 8.10: best way to go about it?

Just following up to my own message. I was rushing things a bit and
I've still got a few bits of config on this new ubuntu box to sort
out, so my environment isn't quite as I like it yet. 

Some additional notes -

With respect to the eci.ini file, you can set the environment variable
ECIINI to point to the correct eci.ini file rather than copy it
across. If your using the voxin package (which I am on this box), the
path is /var/opt/IBM/ibmtts/cfg/eci.ini

the points regarding building the server shared library are specific
to the servers that are part of the official emacspeak release
e.g. ViaVoice outloud and espeak. I notice references in the thread to
flite end eflite. I've not used these in a long while, so I'm not sure
about the specifics. 

When running with code from the svn repository, I find it also useful
to add a make README into the process. This ensures the data regarding
what revision is being used are added to things like M-x
emacspeak-speak-version or C-h v emacspeak-version. So, the process is

make clean
make config
make emacspeak 
cd to the server lib dir you are using e.g for IBM ViaVoice Outloud
cd servers/linux-outloud
make clean
make atcleci.so

If you are not using voxin or some other source for the ViaVoice
Outloud runtime, I would recommend using espeak. It is a good quality
speech server and part of the officially supported servers for




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