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dtk-exp and Dectalk USB?

Hi All,
I've decided to try and get my DecTalk USB in serial mode to work with Emacspeak's dtk-exp speech server. From what I've been able to read the USB is fully compatible with the Express in serial mode. However, I've noticed a few rather annoying problems which I managed to narrow down somewhat. When Emacspeak sends the "l" server command to get a single letter spoken, the DecTalk speaks an initial space before the letter. It doesn't matter, as far as I can tell, whether an actual space exists: I've noticed this problem with direct echoing of command strings to the synthesizer. There seems to be some protocol error in the tone command. Whenever the unit wants to produce a tone it first says, "Command error in parameter", and then goes on to sound a tone. I'm wondering if anybody has successfully gotten this synthesizer to cooperate? If not, is it the fault of the synthesizer or the speech server, maybe both? (I'm running the latest firmware, 2.13, available from Axis Solutions.)
   Any information would be appreciated.

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