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emacspeak mozrepl fixes

Hi Sean,

Applied most of your fixes. Could you resend the patch to
emacspeak.js? The emacspeak mozrepl integration  needs more work after
Firefox 3.0 -- something I never got around to doing.


On 5/20/09, Sean Peters <sean.a.peters@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've fixed some bugs in emacspeak-moz.el, emacspeak.js and adom.js to
> get emacspeak-moz working.  I'm using mozrepl v1.0.0.2009.041717 and
> firefox 3.0.6.  Here's a description of what problems i had and what i
> changed and i've attached the outputs of svn diff for the three files.
> BUG: emacspeak-moz-goto-url() and emacspeak-moz-goto-url-at-point() killed
> repl
> FIX: In lisp/emacspeak-moz.el lines 169, 183
> window.location.href changed to content.location.href
> BUG: adom.js not loading properly
> FIX: In js/adom.js line 487
> changed repl.prototype.updateADom to repl.updateADom
> BUG: ADom not auto updating
> INFO: Depending on when mozrepl is started, window may or may not yet have
> loaded, if it hasn't, need to listen for window load event before
> setting browser load event up to run updateADom. (This is what it was
> doing). But if the window has already loaded, there won't be a window
> load event so mustn't wait for it.
> FIX: In js/emacspeak.js line 40ish
> Modified to try to do both but makes sure it only sets the browser
> load listener once.  Is there a nicer way to fix this?
> BUG: repl.emacspeak.init() is ran more than once
> INFO: in lisp/emacspeak-moz.el, emacspeak-moz-init is added as hook on
> inferior-moz-mode-hook.  It's also added in defadvice for
> inferior-moz-start-process.
> FIX: commented out the defadvice (Was this the correct one to get rid of?)
> BUG: repl.emacspeak.say() causes error from tts and doesn't speak
> INFO: Trys to do a get, looks like only post works at the moment.
> (do_GET in servers/python/HTTPSpeaker.py is broken, doesn't assign
> anything to cmd or arg.  Probably a simple fix for someone else).
> FIX: changed repl.emacspeak.say() 108ish to use post method instead of get.
> BUG: emacspeak-moz-eval-expression-and-browse browsing wrong buffer
> INFO: emacspeak-moz.el line 112, browse-url-of-buffer was somehow picking
> up *MozRepl* instead of *moz output* as current buffer.  Worked fine
> if single stepped.  weird.  Probably worth someone that knows what
> they're doing looking at this, might be hiding something else.
> FIX: added explicit buffer argument.
> Sean

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