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error trying to start under X

Hello Robert and list,

I don't have enough knowledge to debug your problem, but it may help
to know that I have emacspeak 30.0 running both from the console and gnome
terminal in ubuntu 9.04.  I can try to answer any direct questions you
can think of that may be helpful.  Disabling pulseaudio was the only
major alteration to the system I have done. 


Robert D Crawford writes:

I installed Ubuntu 9.04.  After much work I have emacspeak running but
only under the console.  When I start emacspeak, it is started from my
.xsession file, sans window manager.  I'm not sure if this makes a
difference or not but I thought I'd mention it just in case.  Also, this
setup worked under Debian using startx, under Ubuntu I'm logging in from
a login manager (this is what it is called, right?).

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