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Re: start.S undefined reference to `main'

John Harris <johnallenharris@gmail.com> writes:

> I'm attempting to compile the espeak server. I had to apply some
> changes to make the code compile at all, I found it in an archived
> post, this should be fixed by default. But now there are problems
> linking.

The errors you are seeing at the end of the output look like the errors
I saw before.  Using a makefile from Tim Cross (If I remember correctly)
I figured out where I was going wrong.  Edit your makefile to remove the
calls to libtool and change each reference to *.lo to *.o.  for example,
if it called for tclespeak.lo, change it to tclespeak.o.

By the way, commenting the libtool references will not work.  Remove
them completely.

I am not positive that this is the problem.  Make sure to have a copy of
the original makefile that you are working on and pass the name of the
new file to make with the -f flag.  

I hope this helps,
Robert D. Crawford                                      rdc1x@comcast.net

I don't like this official/unofficial distinction.  It sound, er, officious.
		-- Larry Wall in <199702221943.LAA20388@wall.org>

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