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questions about makefiles for servers

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since the makefiles for the servers are being worked on, I have a couple
of questions about them.

I'm curious why we use libtool to compile and link the shared library
since the documentation I have read about building shared libraries [1]
doesn't suggest that.  Would you be willing to look over a patch that
simplifies the creation of the shared libraries?

I noticed that the install target does not use DESTDIR, and, if
that is fixed, it will be possible for distributions to compile the
servers, which would make it unnecessary for end users to do so.

I am curious about why CFLAGS instead of CXXFLAGS is used, and why
CC instead of CXX is used for the compiler.  Another thing I noticed is
that the makefiles overwrite the compiler flags instead of appending to
them, which  means that if a distribution wants to pass compiler flags
on the command line the ones in the Makefile will not be used.

What do you think?  Are you interested in a patch that addresses these?


[1] http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/Program-Library-HOWTO/shared-libraries.html
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