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Introducing The Emacspeak Google Tool-belt

Module emacspeak-google.el implements a suite of Google tools collectively refered to as The Google Tool-Belt. These tools let you slice and dice your result set using the various search operators provided by Google --- the functionality is similar to that -- --offered by the Google results page via -- --user interface control Show -- --Options.

The table below summarizes the tools that are presently available on the Emacspeak Google Tool-belt. For convenience, the tool-belt is bound to prefix-key Control-t in Emacs/W3 buffers.

C-t C-bemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-books-viewability
C-t Aemacspeak-websearch-accessible-google
C-t Bemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-books
C-t Hemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-web-history-not-visited
C-t Temacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-timeline
C-t aemacspeak-websearch-google
C-t bemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-blog
C-t cemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-commercial
C-t demacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-sort-by-date
C-t femacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-forums
C-t hemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-web-history-visited
C-t iemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-images
C-t lemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-non-commercial
C-t nemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-news
C-t pemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-commercial-prices
C-t remacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-recent
C-t semacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-structured-snippets
C-t temacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-books-type
C-t vemacspeak-google-toolbelt-change-video

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Posted By T. V. Raman to emacspeak The Complete Audio Desktop at 10/13/2009 08:57:00 AM

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