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Re: flyspell

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 01:22:52PM +1100, Daniel Dalton wrote:
> Hi,
> Flyspell is great with emacs, however, I have one question:
> If flyspell-mode is enabled, how come emacspeak only hi lights the word
> to the user when the space bar is pressed eg. with word echo, but not
> when rereading? Is there a way to make emacspeak always highlight miss

It appears to be working fine now, it just took a bit of getting used
to, I think I can run flyspell-buffer and it will always say the miss
spelt word, but otherwise emacspeak will just say it when space is
pressed, which seems to work ok, and I think it even sometimes says
missed spelt words if you do a say line, but it's working well, and I
guess what I was asking may not have been implemented due to the
annoyance factor.




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