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Setting some Defaults

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I'm trying to set up a default speech rate and turn off the split-caps
globally.  Actually, I'm trying to set the speech rate globally too.
First off, it doesn't work for me.  I don't get any errors at this
time but it's like the hook routine is being ignored.  When I evaluate
the two function calls separately in a scratch buffer, I can get them
to work after a faschion.  The dtk-toggle-split-caps seems to work OK
but the dtk-set-predefined-speech-rate keeps prompting me even though
I'm specifying "9" as an argument to the function.  I'm quite sure I
have a problem knowing how to pass a "prefix" to a function in this
manner and since these are listed as having optional arguments, there
is probably something else I'm missing.

What am I doing wrong here?  I will paste in the relevant part of my
.emacs to show you what I've hacked up so far.
- ----- .emacs -----
(add-hook 'dtk-startup-hook '(lambda ()
			      (dtk-toggle-split-caps 4)
			      (dtk-set-default-speech-rate "9")))
- ----- end of emacspeak portion of .emacs -----
Thanks for any help.
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