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Possible format bug?

Dear All,

I've just noticed an odd bit of text to speech rendering and wanted to find
out if anyone else has encountered it. 

the problem appears to only  occur if you have punctuation mode set to some or
none. It does not occur when punctuation is set to all

The exact text, cut from the web page, is

(format nil "~:@d" 1000000) ==> "+1,000,000"

In this message, emacspeak pronounces the last number as  
plus 1 comma zero zero zero comma zero zero zero.  when punctuation is set to all

However, if punctuation is set to some or none, the number is spoken as 
plus one million comma one hundred 

I suspect this problem is related to the regular expression used to strip
punctuation in the tcl scripts, but this is just a guess. 

Can someone try to read the format line above using different punctuation
settings and see if they get the same result. If you do or do not, please let
me know and specify what speech server you are using. I'm running emacs 23,
latest CVX version of emacspeak and the IBM outloud speech server. I'm also
running tcl 8.4. this is on Debian testing/unstable.

Once I know which servers are affected I can try to find a fix.



Tim Cross

There are two types of people in IT - those who do not manage what they 
understand and those who do not understand what they manage.

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