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w3, emacspeak and gnutls-cli

Hi all,
I've run into a somewhat baffling problem recently as I get back into
emacspeak.  Some websites I visit require secure connections, such as my
gmail inbox.  
I've ran into a problem when connecting to these sites: specifically,
gnutls-cli appears to successfully connect, but w3 doesn't do anything
with the connection.
If I fill in the Gmail Inbox URL template and hit the submit button, the
secure connection is opened but the form is not submitted and I never
see my inbox.
If I disable execute bits on gnutls-cli, w3 falls back to using openssl,
and the inbox opens properly.  I don't really like hobbling myself this
way, though.
My system is ArchLinux, with emacspeak from SVN and emacs 23.1.  w3 is
from git.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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