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Solved: w3, emacspeak, and gnutls-cli

Hi Zach,
Zachary Kline writes:
 > Hi All,
 > Well, I didn't actually figure out a solution to my problems with w3 and
 > gnutls.
 > I switched to w3m instead, which is working quite well.
I use w3m myself because the last time I tried using w3 with my ageing
setup (FC3+ Emacs22+Emacspeak25)I messed up my w3 installation in a
horrible manner. Have you succeeded in reading mail from gmail using
I have not:
I get my mail from  pop.gmail.com via using stunnel and send my
letters using msmtp. 

 > I do miss all the aural highlighting though...
What do you use for speech? ViaVoice certainly does give some
highlighting when used with w3m (for example, text with an http link
underneath, gets spoken by a deep voice.)
You mentioned that you got your w3 from `git'; what/where is this

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