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emacs crashing


At school when taking lots of notes sometimes emacs just locks up. I'm
using emacspeak so perhaps this could be why. 

If I use the speakup screenreader after the crash occurs, I can read the
currently selected line in the buffer, but no further navigation is
possible. Emacspeak just stops completely. Not sure what causes the
issue though, I couldn't find anything in syslog.

The crashes are quite rare, but annoying. I'm ccing the emacspeak list
here too. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour? 

Emacs version 23 
Debian gnu/linux squeeze/testing 
Emacspeak svn R6439 

I've recently installed emacs from sid, will see if that helps. I know
this is quite broad, how can I enable further debugging output from

Has anyone come across this issue?


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