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Re: Progress with AsteR installation

Tim Cross <tcross@rapttech.com.au> wrote:
> The openTTS code does have a CL package that provides a speech interface. At
> least, it did when it was speech-dispatcher. The code is quite simple, but was
> a little limited in that it wold only work correctly with one specific version
> of CL. From memory, this was either CMUCL or SBCL. 

They're related, as you know.
> I did provide patches to them on at least three occasions, but the last time I
> looked (over 5 years ago at least), they had not been included. I'm not sure
> if I still have the patches or not, but theyw ere pretty trivial and I can
> easily  reproduce them. 

The new maintainers may be more cooperative. They're also fixing large numbers
of bugs, such as memory leaks, in the C code.

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