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Re: TTS backends, documentation, API and openTTS

Thanks Raman. That all seems to fit in with how I was thinking. I was also
wondering when I'd have a reason/excuse to dive into dbus and now maybe this
is it! The current espeak module uses SSML tags to do voice-locking, though it
needs some work to provide a more consistent result. The Cepstral TTS also
supports SSML, though I was disappointed with its quality at high speaking
rates. From memor, I also think speech-dispatcher supported SSML. 

I will look into setting up a git repo and start documenting the existing API.
Don't expect anything in a hurry. It will take a while to get a first draft
done and I've got another eye operation in a couple of weeks that could put me
out of action for a while. 

Will keep you and th elist updated on progress. 



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