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advice patch for new scroll commands

The latest development version of emacs (emacs 24.0.50) has added two new page
scrolling commands, 'scroll-up-command' and 'scroll-down-command'. I'm not
sure why they have done this rather than just doing any changes to the
previous 'scroll-up' and 'scroll-down' and personally, find the addition of
the '-command' string a little pointless. At any rate, the new commands have
also been bound to keys like C-v and M-v and <next>/<previous>, which has
broken speech feedback for these commands. 

Attached is a diff file that simply adds defadvice for these two new commands.
In reality, all I've done is copied the old scroll=-up and scroll-down
defadvice definitions and added the -command to their name. As a quick fix, it
appears to work. Anyone running the latest dev versions of emacs which they
build from the bzr repository may find this patch useful. If your not running
the latest dev version, it isn't of any benefit. 


Attachment: new-scroll-advice.diff
Description: new scroll command advice patch

Tim Cross

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