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Re: emacspeak, alsa, alternate sound card and independent streams

Hi Greg,

I've been using a similar process for quite some time. In fact I was thinking
that it would be useful to have a way of configuring the PCM that emacspeak
servers like outloud use. In the past, all I've done is change "default" to
the name used in my .asoundrc file. The downside of this is that when I
occasionally do a totally fresh donwload and re-install, I forget to make that

I sent a message to the list a few weeks back stating that I plan to do a lot
of work in tis area, starting with documentation of the existing system and
then moving on towards enhancements and improvements. I will keep you message
as a reference and will add the ability to set the pcm output device as a
possible additional option for the speech servers. 

As an update to all of that, I've just got out of hospital after a pretty full
on cataract operation and 'stretching' of my pupil. Not something I would
recommend and the cateract has been put into the local medical museum in
Sydney! The really good news is that it looks like I'm going to get a decent
wack of vision back. Right now, I still don't hae a lense, so everything is
really blurred, but I do have colour and some definition - at least a lot more
than I had, which was prety much nothing. So, while this will delay my work a
few more weeks, it does mean I will be in even a better position to do this

Right now, I'm a pretty happy chappy, though, I've not yet seen myself in the
mirror. Last Time I saw mayself was over 16 years ago, so that might be a bit
of a shocker!


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