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less punctuation with no actual letters loss


I'm using Emacs 23.2 plus emacspeak 32.0 plus the IBM ViaVoice. I'm still learning Emacs, and I would apreciate to read its documentation using a punctuation level lower than "all", so I wouldn't be anoyed with commas and dots all the time.

The problem is, when I reduce the level to some, it doesn't cut off the signs only, but actually part of key sequences. For example, with the "all" level, I hear something like this:
"To quit a partially entered buffer comma, press c dash g dot."

Now with the "some" level, I hear as follows:
"To quit a partially entered buffer, press dash g."

That is, it cuts off the c in the begining of the key sequence. Any suggestion what could I do?


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