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Speech dispatcher emacspeak server

Hi everyone,

I have been tinkering this weekend with a speech server for emacspeak
that uses speech dispatcher.

I am entirely new to python in which the script is written and it is
still writing debug info out to a file in /tmp.

There is no voiceification support and many rough edges.

In general I was surprised that it is useable.  Perhaps not as snappy as
viavoice but it does mostly work.

I would be interested in feedback if anyone wants to give it a spin.  I
am particularly interested in peoples perception of if it is responsive
enough to be generally useful.  

If the consensus is that it may be I am happy to continue working on it
and filling in the missing features.

I've put it up on github and you can check out the repository with:

git clone git@github.com:bartbunting/espd.git



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