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Integrating speech speed up code into emacspeak and/or Android stack

this is interesting to try on emacspeak first. Not sure how well
it will do on Loquendo --- suspect will ruin the voice.

Bill Cox writes:
 > I've been working for several weeks on various techniques for speeding
 > up voice by very high factors, well over 2X, and have finally
 > succeeded.  I've created a very simple GLP library that implements my
 > new algorithm, which I'm calling Sonic.  It is optimised for high rate
 > increases, unlike previous algorithms.  In my opinion, voxin sounds as
 > good, and maybe better, when sped up using with Sonic, instead of
 > directly generating high speed speech with voxin.  Espeak, in my
 > opinion, sounds much better at 2.6X speed up when sonic is used as
 > opposed to using 'espeak -s 450'.  Also, sonic enables espeak to speak
 > at rates much faster than espeak's current limit of about 2.6X.
 > I believe the most beneficial places to include sonic support are the
 > speech back-ends in the various open-source operating systems.  This
 > includes the emacspeak speech server, and the Android back end voice
 > stack.  I currently listen to the Loquendo voice on my Nexus One, and
 > I really like the voice.  However, when played at the painfully slow
 > rate Android calls "very fast", Loquendo sounds highly distorted.
 > With Sonic integration, we can enable Loquendo to play at 2X, 4X, or
 > faster, without nearly the distortion evident today.
 > Sonic is super simple, the core of the algorithm is just around 170
 > lines of code, and can be found at the bottom of sonic.c.  There are
 > some sound samples in the samples directory which show the quality of
 > sped up speech.  A tar-ball of the project can be downloaded here:
 >     http://vinux-project.org/sonic-0.1.3.tar.bz2
 > It's currently hosted in git at vinux-project.org, and released in the
 > Vinux/Lucid PPA on launchpad.net.
 > Bill


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