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Re: emacspeak-bmk-mgr vanished?

"Tim Cross" <tcross@une.edu.au> writes:

> I see that emacspeak-bmk-mgr has been moved to the obsolete directory. What are
> people using these days for managing web bookmarks? I looked at org-mode, but
> found it less useful/convenient 'out of the box' than bmk-mgr.

Not sure about others, save for Dr. Ramen (who uses org mode), but I use
org-mode like so:

(setq org-remember-templates
      '(("Bookmark" ?b "* %a %^g %!" "~/bookmarks.org" "Main")
        ("CoffeeTips" ?c "* %?%:subject \n\n %i" "~/coffee-tips.org")
        ("Tasks" ?t "* TODO %?\n  %u" "~/todo.org" "Tasks")
        ("Notes" ?n "* %u %?" "~/notes.org" "Notes")

(defun rdc-bookmark ()
  "shortcut for storing bookmarks with org-remember"
  (org-remember nil "b")
  ;; we want to save the bookmarks file.  

Which gives you a bookmark file that looks like this:

** Page 1 Title                                 :tag1:tag2:tag3:
** Page 2 Title                                 :tag1:tag2:tag3:
** Page 3 Title                                 :tag1:tag2:tag3:

Then you use C-c C-o to open bookmarks and C-c \ to search for a tag.
I'm sure there are other commands to use but I've not needed them.

I'm actually the one who requested the feature allowing the w3 page
title to be passed.

Robert D. Crawford                                     robdcraw@gmail.com

I will always love the false image I had of you.

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