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Emacspeak with gmail

I saw Dr. Raman's blog entry about gmail here:

I edited the glogin.xml file and changed Dr. Raman's email to my own
email and used emacspeak using C-e ? / glogin.xml to access that

However when I enter my password and press the SUBMIT form button, I
am taken to the google "my account" settings instead of the gmail

I read on the page referenced above:

Emacs/W3 note: Note that signing in to GMail from the main GMail
screen defeats W3. An easy work-around, and something that is more
efficient anyway is to use the glogin.xml form found in Emacspeak ---
use C-e ?/ in Emacspeak to pick that form. Once you're signed in to
Google, you can:

    * Open your inbox
    * Perform searches to find the message you want

I don't know what I must do after I use the glogin.xml form.

Any help would be, of course, very helpful, I once again and lost when
I get to the "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" page and don't even know how to go
backwards to the glogin.xml form.

I also don't understand why if I use M-x webjump google gmail RETURN
and then click on the gmail link, it according to what I understand
from the above, it defeats W3?  I have changed the setting so that my
browser in emacs is w3.

Again, thanks in advance for any help.

Best wishes,


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