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Bug in emacspeak-get-voicefied-mode-name

Hi Raman,

I have found a bug in emacspeak-get-voicefied-mode-name. I think I know what
needs to be done to fix it, but wanted to check first. 


GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.22.0) of 2011-01-31 on

Latest emacspeak from svn

Recipe to reproduce. 

1. Open an org-mode agenda todo list with C-c a t
2. Hit C-e m to speak the mode line

Gives the backtrace 

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument buffer-or-string-p ("Org-Agenda" "" " " (:eval (org-agenda-span-name org-agenda-current-span)) "" "" " Diary" " Ddl" " Grid" "" "" "" "" ""))
  ad-Orig-put-text-property(0 14 personality acss-a7-p7-s6 ("Org-Agenda" "" " " (:eval (org-agenda-span-name org-agenda-current-span)) "" "" " Diary" " Ddl" " Grid" "" "" "" "" ""))
  put-text-property(0 14 personality acss-a7-p7-s6 ("Org-Agenda" "" " " (:eval (org-agenda-span-name org-agenda-current-span)) "" "" " Diary" " Ddl" " Grid" "" "" "" "" ""))

I've tracked this down to emacspeak-get-voicefied-mode-name. The problem
appears to be that this function expects the mode name to be a string. However,
according to the documentation, is usually a string, but can be any of the
constructs for mode-line-format. 

According to the documentation, to get a string, you need to format mode-name
with format-mode-line. Therefore, my suggested (untested) solution would be to
format mode-name using mode-line-format and use that string as the key to the
hash and as the argument passed to put-text-properties. My only concern with
doing this is that it would seem you get more than just the mode name,
potentially making the function return a more verbose result than is
desired. Therefore, it may need to be slightly more complicated i.e. test if
the argument is a string, if it is use it, if it is not, format with
format-mode-line and take the first word from that string. 

Am I on the right track?


Tim Cross
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University of New England
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