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Re: Introduction and proposed contribution

A while ago, once upon a time, I sent out a link to a google document about emacspeak and getting it going.  Some have helped and I tried to put down as much as I could.


Anyone with that link can edit that document.  So if you have an area you know well, have at it.

Dr. Raman is welcome to whatever is produced if he wants it.

Maybe some sort of special "emacspeak" link could be made like the gopher:// type links maybe there could be an emacspeak:// link that would respond to a emacspeak web page, and open emacspeak to that function or page in the tutorial?

This is the most difficult thing for a person who sees poorly if at all.  Finding things!

The second thing is finding the documentation within emacspeak - it is there but it seems to be hidden when you need it.

Just like a library, searching and locating sometimes become easier if you are led through it by someone else.

In all events after you can search, find and read, 99% of the problems are over.

Alas, some people have gone blind because of brain or nerve diseases and that also effects short term memory - with these people menu systems work very well. In time they learn a few commands and then seem to work

Oralux had a live CD with emacspeak working on it.  It was wonderful.

It is difficult to get emacspeak working when you need to hear it to get it working and yet it doesn't speak to you!

Kind of like arguing about the chicken and the egg and the pig.  After a while, I scoot away the chicken, crack the eggs and make some nice ham and bacon and get rid of the problem about which came first.

Be well,


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