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Outloud, alsa, and debian squeeze


Since upgrading from debian lenny to squeeze, the performance of
outloud with emacspeak has degraded, in that response is noticeably
slower, and speech takes longer to cut off when arrowing through a

Since the sound card is the same, this is presumably due to changes in
the libasound libraries.  So I have two possible approaches:

1.  Revert to the libasound libraries used by lenny.

2.  Tweak the .asoundrc file.

Can anyone suggest which approach is better, and if this turns out to
be tweaking the asoundrc file, then which parameters do I need to
tweak?  Responsiveness is the same whether there is no .asoundrc file
or the one which comes with emacspeak.

I am using:

emacspeak 33.0 with debian squeeze 

emacs 23.2.1 

Laptop onboard sound card HDA Intel ALC 268 analogue 

Using alsa, no pulseaudio installed.

When running lenny on the same machine, I used a .asoundrc file,
basically the one shipped with emacspeak, with extra pcm devices
defined for use by emacspeak and mplayer.  This worked fine.

Thanks in advance,


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