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Memory Management Issues In Emacs 23, When Emacspeak 32 and w3 running

I greet you and ask advice:

When I make extensive use of the subject web browser and emacspeak, the emacs process will get suspended, as if I'd hit 'c+z'. This begins happening about two hours into a session of working with gmail, tweeting, facebooking, reading news, ..., all in the browser. When I restart the process with the 'fg' command, I see messages about emacs' inability to do garbage collection or auto-saving. There is a dialogue reading, "abort or dump core, y or n". If I choose 'n', the emacspeak session will resume, for a short while, until the problem reoccurs. The only emacs apps that are running are emacspeak, w3, and whatever other apps it might run in background.

The emacs and emacspeak I use come from the Vinux apt repositories, and the w3 was fetched and installed using the elpa system. The session is run in a native console session; gdm gets stopped.



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