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Scrolling changes?

Hi Raman,

It seems scrolling behavior with emacs 24 and emacspeak has somehow changed. I don't know if this is a change in emacspeak or emacs, but it only appears when running emacspeak. 

It seems now that the cursor/point is kept at the centre of the window, so that when you move up/down with either the cursor or C-n/C-p, the window scrolls rather than the cursor moving up a line and only scrolling once you hit the window scroll margin lines. 

The problem with this behavior (for me at least) is that if you have a little sight, the whole screen 'jumps' when you just move a line up or down and I find that extremely distracting.

I looked at the standard emacs variables that control this behavior and they all look to be at their standard settings, so its not obvious what has changed and what needs to be done to change it back. Do you recall if you have made changes that could affect scrolling in the last week or so as this could help me track down the issue. 



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