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Re: Emacspeak tutorial complete

You're a blessing TV.

I can add you to the Vinux Developers mail group if you'd like to listen in on this project.  I recommend that list because you would have access to all the developers and documentation people.  It has far less traffic - oh, sorry my radio officer Morse code background is showing, it has far less messages than the Vinux Support mail group.

However I've heard how fast you play I B M T T S on your computer - you can read faster than a sighted person sometimes.

Be well and wishes for you and yours to be deeply blessed.

Tell me if you want to subscribe to the devels list, and I will put you down.  You can switch to digest mode if you want, or contact myself or Alex, Tony and we'd be happy to assist.  The offer is also open to others on the emacspeak and we would be grateful for their assistance.  We have released a version of Vinux with a fully operational configuration of emacspeak.  It works both in console and in graphical user interface.  Out of the box emacspeak.  Finally!

Now to get some accessible M I D I programs to do music and keyboards - music ones that is.

Thanks from

David Ring
Green Harbor, MA

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