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Re: emacspeak pronunciation dictionaries


The use case is that I am not always happy with the way the synthesizer
pronounces specific words.  

When you say that should be done in the speech server, could you
elaborate a little?

Do you mean that I should implement a mechanism for adding pronunciation
dictionary to the server.  This would require an emacs interface as each
user's specific pronunciation preferences are different.

If this was to be done for a specific server, given that emacspeak would
be adding, removing etc the dictionary rules and presumably doing the
text substitution I don't understand why this should be synthesisor

I understand that there may be an arguement to add another type of rule
other than mode, file or directory, that is speech server.  This way we
could add specific pronounciation rules to fix idiosyncrasies of a given
speech server and not effect other speech servers.

However I still make an arguement that there is a case for global
substitution independent of speech server.  often it is much easier to
just say I always want this acronym pronounced as bla bla in all modes
rather than addressing it in each specific mode.  I very much like the
ability to define mode specific settings but don't understand why a
global option shouldn't also be offered?

Kind regards


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