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emacspeak pronunciation dictionaries

Bart --- Didn't get around to this earlier ---
Re implementing global pronunciation dictionaries --- it depends
on how much work you want to put into it.

Things to consider:

1. You could add a new "global" dictionary type into the
emacspeak pronunciation module.

Warning: might be a performance hit, since if you make it apply
everywhere -- *every* speech call will end up walking that

2. The *extremely* lazy solution --- if you  define pronunciation
for "directory" and that directory is "/", it'll effectively
become global.

3. Alternative lazy solution:

Add code in the speech server layer that reads a user-specific
file --- say  ~/.emacspeak/global-dictionary
-- where that file is a simple text file that includes
word/pronunciation pairs one per line.

The above may well be adequate -- because where you do want
global pronunciations, I suspect you're not going to define
complex phrases that require quoting etc.

Cons: no user interface, pros: do you need a user interface more
than emacs to edit a text file;-)


On 4/18/11, Bart Bunting <bart@ursys.com.au> wrote:
> Hi,
> The use case is that I am not always happy with the way the synthesizer
> pronounces specific words.
> When you say that should be done in the speech server, could you
> elaborate a little?
> Do you mean that I should implement a mechanism for adding pronunciation
> dictionary to the server.  This would require an emacs interface as each
> user's specific pronunciation preferences are different.
> If this was to be done for a specific server, given that emacspeak would
> be adding, removing etc the dictionary rules and presumably doing the
> text substitution I don't understand why this should be synthesisor
> specific?
> I understand that there may be an arguement to add another type of rule
> other than mode, file or directory, that is speech server.  This way we
> could add specific pronounciation rules to fix idiosyncrasies of a given
> speech server and not effect other speech servers.
> However I still make an arguement that there is a case for global
> substitution independent of speech server.  often it is much easier to
> just say I always want this acronym pronounced as bla bla in all modes
> rather than addressing it in each specific mode.  I very much like the
> ability to define mode specific settings but don't understand why a
> global option shouldn't also be offered?
> Kind regards
> Bart

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