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slackware 13.0 bad news for emacspeak

I tried building speech_tools and festival both current versions for 
slackware 13.0 with all available festlex and festvox packages and the 
build failed.  When I make an attempt to do this again I'll have script 
running and send the output to the emacspeak list.  I wanted to build 
these packages so I could get eflite running and have all of that software 
use my sound card for speech which is alsa.  The reason I didn't use 
script in the first place is I wasn't expecting this kind of failure when 
doing the build on this set of packages.  For those on the emacspeak list 
that don't yet know about it yet, Slackware as of April 29, 2011 is now up 
to Slackware version 13.37 and it has linux kernel images from 
2.6.37-2.6.39 in it.  More later if I figure it out.

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