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Re: emacspeak espeak make problem

On 08/05/2011 19:57, Jude DaShiell wrote:
This is for version 33.0 of emacspeak and I don't know what to do for it.
I have portaudio19 and espeak working to the point I can pass espeak a
string inside or outside quotes and it speaks that string.
Script started on Sun 08 May 2011 01:18:24 PM EDT
root@md:/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/linux-espeak# make all
g++ -g    -O2 -fPIC  -DPIC  -pedantic -ansi -Wall -Wno-long-long -I/usr/include/tcl8.4   -c -o tclespeak.o tclespeak.cpp
g++ -shared -o tclespeak.so tclespeak.o -ltcl8.4 -lespeak
/usr/lib/gcc/i486-slackware-linux/4.3.3/../../../../i486-slackware-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -ltcl8.4
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [tclespeak.so] Error 1
root@md:/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/linux-espeak# exit

Script done on Sun 08 May 2011 01:19:00 PM EDT
cut here.

It can't find your TCL library file. Do you have TCL 8.4 installed? If so then maybe the file is named something different, have a look in /usr/lib for files with tcl in there name and change the makefile to point to the correct library.



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