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problem running espeak again

Not sure what the problem is. I've just installed 64bit Ubuntu 11.04 and am
using espeak (latest version) built from sources with no problems. I'm not
using and have not installed orca or speech-dispatcher etc. I just have
pulseaudio and espeak. I did not install the Ubuntu espeak package either. I'm
running latest svn emacspeak and emacs 24 (from bzr sources). All seems to be
working fine. I have no .asoundrc and have not (yet) tweaked the pulseaudio
configs (which I normally do to take better advantage of my sound card). 

Perhaps your pulseaudio isn't quite configured correctly or you have an old
.asoundrc file? Maybe enable pulsaudio logging and see if that gives more
clues? Maybe check to ensure some other sound layer isn't getting in the way or
causing pulseaudio to become sluggish.


Robert D. Crawford writes:
 > OK, so I've just installed 64 bit Vinux.  I'm running emacs 23.3 and
 > emacspeak from svn.  Because I got the problems with clipped text in
 > emacsepak I decided to recompile espeak.  Just like the last time I'm
 > having problems that make things unusable.  As I type this I can hear
 > the tts repeating fragments from the previous sentence.  Here are the
 > steps I took to rebuild:
 > 1.  Download the source from the espeak site.
 > 2. Uncompress, comment the portaudio line and uncomment the pulseaudio
 > line.
 > 3.  make, sudo make install
 > 4.  sudo ldconfig
 > 5.  cd /usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp/emacspeak/servers/linux-espeak
 > 6.  make clean
 > 7.  make all
 > 8.  restart the server
 > 9.  text not clipped but speaks only fragments slowly
 > 10.  Reboot
 > 11. same problem
 > Text is spoken in orca properly.  What step did I leave out?  Surely
 > these has to be something I did wrong.
 > Thanks for any help,
 > rdc
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