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Emacspeak with Voxin on a 64-bit Archlinux system

Hi All

I suspect that the number of people with this precise combination of synth, architecture and distribution is very small, but I was wondering if anyone has managed to compile the outloud server for use with voxin on a 64-bit machine running arch linux. I've got voxin running successfully and managed to install sufficiently many multilib packages to compile the connector to get it working with speakup, but the emacspeak server is harder. Specificly, I presumably need a multilib version of the TCL and TCLX libraries.

Has anyone managed to obtain or compile all the rellevent multilib dependencies to compile the server?

Alternatively, I was wondering if it would be possible to modify the server so that the bit that communicates with TCL and the bit that communicates with the synth could be in separate processes and then there would be no need for the 32-bit versions of TCL.

Many thanks

Alastair Irving

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