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ChromeVox with an Emacspeak speech server

ChromeVox was announced recently by T.V. Raman and his colleagues at Google.

As appears from the source code, there is support for using an Emacspeak
speech server as the TTS engine, thanks to Charles Chen.

I have checked out the svn repository: http://google-axs-chrome.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
and installed the latest Chromium package available in Debian, version

To use an Emacspeak speech server, it needs an instance of HTTPSpeaker.py
listening on localhost:8000, which I now have working, I think. (I'm using the
dtk-exp server currently).

What isn't clear at the moment is how to set up ChromeVox so that when
Chromium starts, it will be executed as an extension. Chromium itself,
apparently, doesn't support the Gnome accessibility API yet, so the
installation will have to be done, preferably, without invoking the Chromium
UI. I'm hoping that I can either run it from the checked out svn repository,
or install updated versions easily in Chromium after running svn update to
fetch the latest code.

I plan to keep investigating this, but I thought I'd open up the discussion on
the list as well, since others are likely to be interested.

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