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Hi list,

I'm trying the long command (m-x emacspeak-daisy-open-book) or
...book-open -- can't remember the right order now.

It opens a .ncs file, but when I press enter on a topic / chapter it
only opens up the whole XML file in macvim? I also tried "h" key on a
topic / chapter to open up an HTML version which opens up Safari but
Safari says it can't find the file.

Is there a way to simply get the text in a buffer? I would just like to be able to navigate the massive XML file that is the DAISY book's data using emacspeak.

I'm using emacspeak on OSX 10.5 with the mac speech server.

When I try to open the XML file of 4 MB in Safari VoiceOver hangs. Safari opens the file just fine, but VoiceOver can't handle that much data apparently. But I'm digressing.

Sorry for the newbie question!
Kerneels Roos
Cell: +27 (0)82 309 1998
Skype: cornelis.roos

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