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Can anyone else reproduce this 'bug'

Hi All,

I've found an interesting bug, which I've not yet investigated, but wanted to
know if anyone else can reproduce it. Below is a description and a recipie. I'm
running the latest emacspeak from svn, emacs24 from bzr and Outloud on a 32 bit
ubuntu 11.04 running xfce. 


In some situations, lines of text are being cut off an not spoeken
completely. This seems most reproducible with lines that start with a number
and when you are in text mode. It does not appear to occur in all modes. 

Recipie to reproduce

Switch to the scratch buffer and issue the command M-x text-mode

Put the following lines of text in the buffer. Essentially, each line starts
with a number and a period, followed by text that says "This is line x" where x
is the number at the start of the line. Note that the period following the
number is important. 

0. This is line 0

1. this is line 1

2. This is line 2

3. This is line 3

4. This is line 4

5. This is line 5

6. This is line 6

7. This is line 7

8. This is line 8

9. This is line 9

10. This is line 10

Start at the top and move the cursor down, either by using the arrow keys or by
using C-n. 

When I do this, line 2 just says 2 dot with none of the following text
i.e. "This is line 2". The same happens with line 8. Only 8 dot is spoken and
the text "THis is line 8" is truncated. Using page up/down and other commands
which speak whole chunks does seem to work. Initially, I was not able to
produce this in fundamental mode (i.e. what the scratch buffer is in by
default), but when I issue M-x fundamental-mode to switch the scratch buffer back
from text mode, I noticed that it now also fails to speak lines 2 and 8

Another oddity I've noticed is that when I type C-n to indicate the command
Control n, the 'n' is not spoken until I hit space. If I hit period, the n is
never spoken, I just hear C dash dot. I've noticed other such issues from time
to time, but this is the first example I could reproduce really easily. I plan
to investigate further, but wanted to see if others have observed this as well
and find out what versions of emacs, what speech server and what emacspeak
version they are using first to narrow down the search area.


Tim Cross
Information Technology 
University of New England
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E-Mail: tcross@une.edu.au
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